The Santa-contest of

november 05 2016

 will be held, during a romantic Christmas market (04th to 06th November 2016), which will be specifically build for this event.

For the inner man will various stands with many delicacies.
Of course there will be a delicious fish stall, here so close to the coast.

Stalls selling mulled wine, Punch and Childrenspunch will for a cosy Christmas mood and a few sweets stall will sell delicious candy .

Also to the visiting children of course will be thought. There will be a carousel, pony rides, children's quad trail, and a small Petting Zoo that make for great fun and boredom.

Areal Wethnachtsmann Meisterschaft
Areal of Christmas market


Minister Olaf Lies

The event is under the patronage of Mr.

Olaf Lies
 Minister for Economic Affairs, labour and transport.

Olaf Lies is a “real boy from Sande "and wanted to let themselves do not deprive the Santa clauses and St Nicholases to help.


The progress of the Santa Claus contest:

In addition to various, simple games (which we of course cannot betray here). A jury will judge the costume and the overall presentation.
The spectators can vote for their own favorite and this will
affect the choice of the winner.

All games are easy and adapted to the age of the participants so the older spectators in this competition can also play the games easily.


Heiner Sjuts

Organizer and host of this event,

Heiner Sjuts,

is also operator of the Nordseehostel in Sande.

The Nordseehostel is located in the former railway station building. For the participants in the competition are comfortable rooms available at special rates.

Participants can during the Santa-Contese use of a free catering!


An event of this magnitude is a media event throughout Germany. There will be TV and newspapers at this event.

You should so don't be shy (lol)!


Weihnachtsmann Meisterschaft für Kinderhospiz

All profits from this event go as donation to the Children's-Hospice in Wilhelmshaven!


Great prices await the winner of the competition...

Weihnachtsmann Meisterschaft


...but the fun we will have and the renewed contact with
colleagues, make every spectator to a winner!